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Press Kit

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VOIXATCH | LTE+GPS Smart Watch with Detachable Bluetooth Headset

VOIXATCH is the world’s first device that lets you enjoy all the essential features of a  smartphone in a cellular-enable smartwatch that you can customize and adapt to your  daily style  while also using it as a smartly integrated Bluetooth headset that easily keeps you connected wherever you go, whatever you’re doing.


VOIXATCH | Tech Meets Fashion

You wear different clothes everyday, so why settle for a watch that always looks the same.

VOIXATCH bezels can easily be swapped for a different color

because they automatically pair with the VOIXATCH watch body.

That way your watch always matches the look that you want.


VOIXATCH | Recharging Made Easy

The smart watch keeps your Bluetooth headset charged and ready for you next call,

without you having to carry a separate charging case.

Place the Bluetooth headset on the watch body and the watch body will start charging headset automatically. This integrated smartwatch automatically keeps your Bluetooth headset charged 

and also gives easy way to call with or without a smartphone.

Innovative Design

Bluetooth bezel headset is designed to stay securely on the watch body when attached,

so it won’t come off unless you want it to.

To remove Bluetooth bezel headset,  twist it counter clockwise and then lift it off the watch body. 

A support hook on the back of the Bluetooth headset pops out with

a push of a button so you can secure the headset to your ear.


Dedicated App

All the information you need to stay healthy is at your fingertips with the intuitive VOIXATCH App.

It’s available for both Android 6.0+ and iOS 9.0+ devices.


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