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all in one smartwatch.


technology, connectivity, and fashion are all yours.


VOIXATCH, LTE smartwatch 
with built-in Bluetooth headset

VOIXATCH is a cellular smartwatch with built-in Bluetooth headset
that guarantees you exceptional quality  and convenience. Even when you’re on the go, your conversations should remain private, and without bothering other people nearby. Just wear VOIXATCH on your wrist, then you are always be connected with your friends & family anywhere, anytime with or without a phone. 

Technology Meets Fashion

Show how you feel today with interchangeable Bezel Design.
You wear different clothes everyday, so why settle for a watch that always looks the same. With VOIXATCH, you can easily change the color and style of the bezel. That way your watch always matches the look that you want. 

VOIXATCH, all in one smartwatch

You don’t need to recharge your headset and watch separately, or need to carry a separate recharging case. With VOIXATCH, you now have built-in mobile phone and with Bluetooth headset. This integrated smartwatch automatically keeps your  Bluetooth headset charged and ready for your next call, without having to carry a separate case. 


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